Radio Blitz "The Whole Foods LP"

Whole Foods LP

Richmond, Virginia MC Radio Blitz aKa Radio B delivers 17 tracks of pure, organic, nourishing music and food for thought that is The Whole Foods LP. Radio B's goal was to take "it back to the essence. No preservatives. Hip Hop in it's purest form" and he has achieved such with his latest offering. 

New Music: "Distracted" - Lena Hearts

22 year-old recording artist Lena Hearts releases her new single "Distracted"

Video: "Pray" - UNOIT

Artist UNOIT out of Richmond,Va releases his latest visual titled "Pray" he belongs to a production company named TRGG.
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Artist UNOIT out of Richmond,Va releases his latest visual titled "Pray" he belongs to a production company named TRGG.


Versatile Blues/R&B/Soul Artist Jackie Venson Releases "Now"

Now feat. KJ Hines

Singer/Songwriter Jackie Venson releases single "Now" featuring rapper KJ Hines, second single from her debut full length album, The Light in Me, complete with nine tracks that show her versatility in songwriting. “Now” is a perfect example of Venson’s several styles that can be heard from her album. Its deep and steady instrumentals accompany her powerful voice. Starting with a slow and steady rhythmic funk, it gradually leads up to the rap break. The lyrics convey deep meaning about trying to ignore the concept of time and focusing on the present as Jackie sings in the chorus:

I don’t want to be in any time or place but now
Time leaves us behind so many people are afraid
Get lost inside of me I’ll take you to a higher place
There’s only now
The album brings listeners a taste of upbeat groovy tracks wrapped around a loose and bluesy rhythm. Venson gathers her influences from renowned artists such as Kim Burrell, Buddy Guy, and Amy Winehouse and more. Her album showcases songs that all show her skills as a vocalist, pianist, and guitarist. The album marks the successful launch of a very promising musical career.

Jackie just won the Belk Southern Musician Showcase contest beating out thousands of submissions to perform at the Belk Fashion Lounge at the nationwide tour dates of Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, and James Taylor. This comes on the heels of performances in LA and SXSW.

BestFan recently called Venson a “real staple of what a musician can achieve when they put in their 10,000 hours for both musical schooling, and late night pub sessions for practical honing” and this is all the more apparent considering her hard work in the studio, on the stage and with her “Truth In Music” sessions on YouTube. Initiated in February 2013, the sessions feature Venson’s original R&B and soul compositions and guitar virtuosity as well as a few covers, including a stunning blues-soaked rendition of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.”

The Profit and Traumatization of Foster Care - Part 1

*Disclaimer: I type as I talk, I have no time for grammatical or spelling corrections. If you are an effin grammer Nazi...don't read my personal ish...cause I will annoy the hell out of you. If you don't mind, cool :) ..... proceed. * 

 it was a cadillac or a lincoln...i remember that. I think there may have been a diamond in the back. One of my earliest memories in life happened in a cadillac or a lincoln. I think I may have been 5 or 6 years old. I was a ward of the court. I was owned by the state of Virginia. I was a foster child. I had been placed with this family after my mother lost custody (or gave up custody) of me and my siblings. I am the oldest of six. 3 girls, 3 boys. My mother birthed us all and kept none of us. #NoComment

Anywho, I was placed with this family that I had grew fond of as a child. They loved me and I loved them. I don't have any memories of my time with them. I just have feelings. That is exactly why the importance of THIS memory sticking with me is so profound. Maybe my mind blocked out the happy memories I had with them in order to protect me. Sometimes our minds block out bad memories...I think my mind blocked out ALL memories in an effort to protect me from the bad ish, as well as not have me longing for the good times.  I don't know...Im just speculating, but I DID NOT forget this memory.

all I know is that I dont remember the first seven years of my life. However, I remember THIS memory. Is that normal? If its normal, okay...maybe Im being dramatic. I dont know. The year had to be like 1988-1989, and pretty much I was a foster child living with the foster family that I adored. I felt connected, I felt loved, I felt like I could have just merged into their family and we would have been fantastic. Now keep in mind Im speaking from the feelings I remember having as a 5year old child regarding this family. I dont remember my dealings with them, I dont remember events, I just remember feelings. I felt secure. That all ended the day the gray cadillac(or lincoln) pulled up. I honestly remember this day out of EVERY day in my life...

I had been playing on the porch, when I started feeling weird. I went inside and layed my head on my foster mother's lap. She caressed me, she said words to me that I don't remember. She was always the patriarch of the family. She was Queen Bee, she ruled that family. Im not saying I agree with that structure but she struck fear in the hearts of those who opposed her, and love to those who loved her. She was your black traditional BIG MAMA. Most kats know a Big Mama...go watch Big Mama's House if you don't know. Anywho it's all a blur from there because somehow that memory ends and my next memory of that day starts with me crying hysterically!

I remember seeing her as weak...I never saw her like that. She hurt on that day, she showed her weakness. Big Mama cryed too...She WANTED me...she didn't want them to take me, but even SHE wasn't strong enough to stop them. She tried to keep me, but Social Services saw her as someone who could hold their merchandise until it could be sold to the highest bidder. Big Mama could'nt afford me..but she loved me. I remember screaming and fighting as I was being pulled away from the house I knew as home. I remember the was a driveway with rocks. I was being dragged across the gravel. Not in a hurtful way, but it was just like my toes were diggin into the ground and gravel as I was lifted away, causing the rocks to kick up. I fought, but I was weak. They pushed me into this gray cadillac/lincoln, put my belongings into the trunk, and proceeded to drive away.

On that day I met my "new" brother. He also sat in the backseat of the cadillac/Lincoln. He had hazel eyes...he looked at me then turned his head and said nothing. He was their child, their natural child. I was the "bought" child. The funny thing is I looked EXACTLY like the mother...maybe thats why they picked me. As they flipped through the binder that held the pics of available children, they saw me and was like "She looks like us! Let's buy her" I looked like them, but I never accepted them.

Anywho the father was driving...the mother was in the passenger seat. The father yelled at me to stop crying. He didnt understand that at this very point in my life, I was being traumatized. He yelled at me, and me being the rebel that I am(even at a young age) I smacked the back of his seat and cryed even louder. That was the only way I knew how to protest this injustice,this blatant disregard to my personal wellbeing. The state of Virginia ain't give a damn about me at that point...that's real talk.

 I remember crying to the point I was choking. I looked out the back window as my vision of home and security began to fade away. My heart started to harden that day. The process started that day. It baffles me how an institution that SHOULD be founded in principals of family, security and long term positive growth of a child, totally EFFED ME UP!!

The institution I speak of is Social Services, which is ultimately backed by our corrupt government. Tell me, how does it profit the government to rip a child away from a loving, secure family? Here is how (in my situation): ADOPTION they NO longer have to pay the foster family provider for their services anymore. Mess a child up for life, scar them for life...but it's all good cause you are saving money and making money at the same damn time. Don't get it twisted, there are people that work for SS that actually envoke good...I thank God for you ANGELS...but ultimately the theory of SS is BS. The reason why I say that is because where is THE VOICE OF THE CHILD? Why could I have not voiced my opinion and have told SS that I felt comfortable and wanted to stay with that family? I understand that the viewpoint of a child at that age has reason to be thouroughly observed. That is smart. But what is smarter is to have a psychologist/psychiatrist examine and converse with the child to make sure that their acceptance/unacceptance of a family is based on the fullfillment or unfullfillment of basic physiological/emotional needs. Not based on profit or gain. In my situation, Im wholeheartedly convinced it was based on gain.

 So that is one of my earliest memories...I was adopted, but that didn't last. Lol, have you EVER heard of an adoption being reversed after 5 years?? No? okay...STAY TUNED...PART 2 NEXT WEEK. Foster care is a freakin joke. I guess I should be (and I am) greatful my mother did not abort, murder, or sell her children like these crazy THOTS is doing these days...anywho.

 -Azarel Star

Theory Hazit & Cream of Beats are DC Comets

Christon Gray "School of Roses" out March 25th on Collision Records

Christon Gray, Member of WLAK Collective, is releasing his debut album under Collision Records, School of Roses, on March 25th

Life tends to school all of us as it teaches us lessons that we can only learn through our own set of personal experiences. School of Roses is that set of personal experiences for Christon Gray, offering a translucent album of ups and downs in his pursuit of Jesus—no filters, no masks. Christon Gray leads us on the emotional trail that shows his heart, Jesus’ love, and hopefully, your need for him daily.

Christon Gray Making of "School of Roses" part 2 (video)
Part II of the behind-the-scenes look at the making of Christon Gray's debut release with Collision Records, "School Of Roses." Set to release March 25th.

Pre-order Christon Gray "School of Roses" at iTunes:
                     NOTE: Pre-Orders Available Now 30% off ($6.99) retail street date price ($9.99).

Artist Bio
At age 27, Christon Gray is an artist truly ahead of his time. Musically gifted to write, sing, rap, produce and design, there are no limitations on his ability to reach every demographic. His sound is a premium blend of classical, jazz, gospel, soul, pop and even rap in a sophisticated manner. His inspirations range from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Bill Withers, Earth Wind and Fire, to Paul McCartney, Marvin Winans, Lauryn Hill, The Roots and Alicia Keys. In 2006, he entered the Christian Rap genre writing, rapping, singing and producing with the Christian rap group, The Elevationists. While working on their first album, a large demand for their music became very apparent in the Midwest region. The "Necessary" LP was released in May 2007. His debut solo album, entitled, "Even With Evil With Me", released July 2011 and is available on iTunes. Christon is a featured artist on label mate Swoope's critically acclaimed album "Wake Up" and featured on the widely received Lecrae mix tape "Church Clothes". Collision is excited to have him as part of the family and to see what the Lord will do through him as an ambassador through music. Christon is part of the collective WLAK (We Live As Kings) with the self titled album WLAK (We Live As Kings) releasing March 5th, 2013, debuting at #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop / Rap chart, #3 overall album iTunes Chart, #1 Billboard Gospel Chart, #6 Billboard Christian Album Chart, #7 Billboard Rap Album Chart, & #81 Billboard top 200 chart. Christon is set to release his highly anticipated, debut album under Collision Records entitled "School of Roses" onMarch 25th.

This is not an album written to purposely avoid Jesus in every song with the hope to get acclaim and break mainstream—who cares about that? Seriously, please do not put us in that box. The content is written in such a way that you have to get through Christon's mess and faults—as well as yours—in order to appreciate the love of Christ that is at the end of the album. "Arena" is the culmination. We are forcing all listeners to really listen to the whole album or do not listen at all. So, just as in the Bible, the full culmination of Jesus's message is realized at the end of the book in Revelation, at the new heaven and the new earth, not at the beginning in Genesis.

How to listen to the album
As mentioned above, this is an album to experience Christon's temptations, struggles, and overall internal conflict that comes with growing up; the end being Jesus's love and amazement with him, and love for mankind, despite our mess and struggles to love Him and one another.

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